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All your character animation data in one place, accessible for the whole team. Share 3D animated characters with a link. Collaborate directly in your browser, in 3D, on any device.

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Character by Nikolay Tsys, licensed under CC BY

How MOVESHELF helps you...



Import 3D characters and animations in one place. FBX and glTF are our friends.
Import files from any performance capture systems, optical or inertial based, along with witness cam videos. Synced and TimeCode.



We do our part to protect your IP - our world class cloud storage is MPAA compliant.
  • 100% anonymized and AES-256 encrypted.
  • Safely backed up in multi-regional redundant data centers.
  • Accessible through secure authentication under your full control.
  • ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, HIPAA, CSA STAR, GDPR.


Effortlessly organize all your data in one place. Keep everything tidy using projects and folders with fine-grained access control.

Directly import entire folder trees and dataset, in one go.

Search between thousands of records in large datasets in milliseconds.



Efficiently collaborate with remote teams from anywhere in the world. Collaborate with the simplicity of a link:
  • Collect feedback and reviews, directly in a browser.
  • You see what they see. No need to worry about software compatibility or licenses.
  • Protect your IP using 3D web-view instead of sending asset files without access control.


Integrate with animation and game development tools and source control.

API access with open source interfaces to Unity, python, nodejs and more.

Unity, Unreal Engine, Maya and Perforce



Be part of our community. 

Get access to thousands of animations shared under creative common;
Share a selection of your work with full control over the terms of use Showcase your portfolio;
Embed our flexible, beautiful 3D player on any website, just like you can with video.

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