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Moveshelf is the first all-in-one application for movement labs. Secure, cloud-based software for movement data from all sources, with interactive reports. Unlock the future of movement analysis with computer vision and machine learning algorithms.

Import movement data from all sources


Video/3D gait analysis


Rehabilitation monitoring


Remote measurements


Daily life monitoring

Each type of measurement requires a different technology, so patient data often becomes scattered over multiple places. We closely collaborate with all sensor hardware manufacturers to make sure that data from all sensor technology imports seamlessly. Don’t see your lab technology listed? No worries... let's talk!

Interactive online reports with secure sharing

Accessing our reports in your multidisciplinary meeting is easy, you only need a browser. The reports have everything you need to analyze patients in collaboration:
  • Synchronized video, kinematics, kinetics and EMG
  • Left-right, pre-post and barefoot-shod comparisons
  • Comparisons to your own reference dataset
  • PDF exports for printing or archiving

Bring about the future with
Computer Vision and Machine Learning

In Moveshelf, it's easy to apply modern algorithms. For example, to protect patient privacy we automatically blur all faces in imported video. Do you want to run new algorithms on Moveshelf? We'd love to hear your ideas, get in touch!

Direct Electronic Health Record integration

Moveshelf implements the standard HL7 FHIR interfaces to connect with your hospital Electronic Health Record (EHR). Open our interactive reports with one click and never leave your EHR. We will work with you to create an efficient, custom workflow combining Moveshelf and your EHR. Request our white paper.

A secure and GDPR-compliant patient database

All data from all sensor technology, all patients and all your movement labs centralized in a scalable, secure and GDPR-compliant space. That lab computer with many gigabytes of sensitive patient data? A thing of the past.

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